Obituary for Dr. David W. Yesair,
Owner of BioMolecular Products, Inc.
And Inventor of Lym-X-Sorb ™


Written by C. Yesair Gould
Dr. David W. Yesair was Tatiana Hamboyan Harrison's grandfather
C. Yesair Gould is THH's mother


A man who was at the forefront of medical science; a scientist who held over 100 patents; a man who cared enough and believed enough in himself to abandon a highly successful career in order to pursue his own research; a man who was humble in his discoveries and work and yet knew that one day the world changing discovery would be understood and would benefit mankind; he placed his time, his life, and his money in the research that would benefit others. A drug delivery system that is so revolutionary that it changes the way the pharmaceutical and food industry will one day deliver medicines and nutrients into our bodies—a chemical glove to hold medicines or nutrients until released into cells. A drug delivery system that lowers the amount of medicine that is put into a body and therefore lowers the toxicity of the drug and potential side effects. A drug delivery system that puts nutrients into starving, malnourished children without losing the nutrients and calories to the gastrointestinal tract. A drug delivery system that can be put on the skin and is absorbed into the cells, not just staying on the surface of the skin.

A scatter-brained scientist who would lose his briefcase in the chest freezer while sneaking cookies; a father and grandfather who would get up and make animal pancakes for whatever children and grandchildren were visiting and no matter how often he had made the pancakes, he still needed to ask Ruth for the recipe; a scuba diver who wondered at the beauty below and the heavens above—he would have loved to have gone into space; a man who always was questioning and marveling at the world around him and would travel the world; a husband who loved his wife from the moment he set eyes on her and would lovingly tell the story of how they met and never stopped lovingly adoring her, although the family joked that his backhoe, Lurch came in a close second; a father who always said that there were two things he was determined to give us: a good education that teaches us to think and travel so that we know that there is more to life than little old Byfield. He was a rock that we could always go to for advice, help and confort. He loved and sacrificed for his children and grandchildren and would always take time for us from building minature therapy stairs for Tania; to the most elaborate snow fort in the neighborhood for Marcie; to ice skating rings, to tobogan runs down the hill on Johnson Lane; to months of camping; to helping with building projects at all our houses; to sitting and listening to our dreams of our futures. He was a father to others as well—Kathy Mutch whose mother had died and who came and stayed with us summers in Europe and helped raise hell and cause my father many nights of grief—to Sherene who lost her father and to whom we shared ours, who my father was so proud of—his other daughter. And the worth of a man is reflected in his friends and my parents have wonderful friends—friends who are so very special and who have meant so much to my Dad and Mom.

Letís all take a minute of silence and reflect on our own thoughts and memories of our time and friendship with David.

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